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    Uhip - The No.1 Equestrian Outdoor Brand

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Sustainability and environment

Uhip produces functional clothing. Our products are long-lasting, have a high reparability and our goal is to use materials which have little or no adverse impact on the environment.

The textile industry is currently in a phase of great environmental focus and companies producing fabrics, insulation and accessories are broadening their supply of recycled material every year, which in turn make prices for those supplies lower.

The choice of material is important to Uhip and there are several aspects that affect what purchases we make. The material must live up to our demands on functionality and still not have a negative impact on the environment. Changing over to new materials takes time since they have to be tested thoroughly.


We have excluded all fluorocarbon from the materials and use environmentally friendly methods when impregnating and treating fabrics. Our supplier is called Bionic who is a leading player in the textile industry today. Furthermore, we collaborate with the Swedish supplier OrganoTex when it comes to treating our materials to become water-resistant which in turn increases the lifetime of the garments.

100 % recycled polyester lining

As of autumn, 2021 all our garments are produced with 100% recycled polyester lining.

Recycled nylon shell-fabric

Our goal is to use recycled and degradable fabrics alone. Our first garment made with 100% recycled shell fabric on the outside as well as 100% recycled liner was Nordic Eco (Renamed “Igloo”).


In addition to wool, we exclusively use synthetic down which consists of a mix of materials tested to meet demands on functionality and has less environmental impact during the manufacturing process compared to other polyester fabrics.

100% recycled fibre

Our goal is to use recycled and degradable insulation alone.

Uhip reuse

Uhip Reuse is part of our aspiration to create a more sustainable consumption where returned or exchanged garments, or garments with minor flaws or defects from manufacturing can be revived and sold again and get extended use by a new customer.  Uhip’s reuse-garments are currently sold by Sellpy (applies to Sweden only).

Reusing products is more resource efficient than recycling since most materials tend to lose value when recycled. Hence, the best way to reduce the adverse impact on the environment is to prolong the product lifetime. That way, Uhip as a company, and our customers contribute to a more circular economy where resources are handled in a responsible and less wasteful manner.