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Karin Fischer Kristiansson



Team Uhip Karin Fischer Kristiansson


Karin Fischer Kristiansson is an obedience professional living in a village between Trollhättan and Gothenburg in Sweden! She has competed in the Obedience World Championships several times with her Border Collie Chap and is busy at home with him and the 1-year-old Border Collie Mac with both obedience training and herding.

Tell us a little about yourself

Me and my two border collie boys, Chapman, Chap, 8 years old and The Look Do It Mac, 1 year old, live with their "human dad" in a small village between Trollhättan and Gothenburg. I have 2 adult girls who are not interested in dog training at all. Outside of dog training I work with CBT.

Which types of dog sports do you perform?

Me and the boys mostly do competition obedience but also some herding. All 3 of us wish we had more time for herding.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Wake up, walk the dogs, work, go home (if I don't work from home), walk the dogs, exercise and/or practice obedience, dinner, bedtime.

What has been your greatest personal achievement in dogs?

Tricky question, depends on what you think about performance. I think I am most proud of having managed to educate and train two completely different individuals up to national team level in my sport.

What motivates you in your sport?

To develop together with each individual. Mac, for example, is a tricky guy and we have had a little difficulty finding each other in training but now it's starting to loosen up a bit but it has required a lot of thinking and that I've worked with his idiosyncrasies together with wise training colleagues. It's amazing what we can teach these dogs anyway!

What are your top tips for someone struggling with obedience and/or herding?

Have fun, don't take training too seriously - if it's hard to find 'fun', get help!

What are your visions and dreams for the future?

Oh, if I can dream freely, I would like to work less, have more time for the dogs, have my own sheep and have more dogs.

What are your favorite products from Uhip?

I have to choose! There are so many, each new item becomes a new favorite. But okay, top 3, in no particular order are Light Functional Pant Jet Black, Ultimate Training Full Zip 2.0 Jet Black and Merino Pilé Full Zip Willow.

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