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    Uhip - The No.1 Equestrian Outdoor Brand

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 All our functional and outdoor pants are designed with meticulous attention to detail to provide you with the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and style. So, what makes Uhip pants different? Here are the answers!

What unites all our functional pants is their incredible stretch, high waist, and slightly elevated back for a perfect fit. All the pants feature a comfortable front closure with metal hooks and adjustable leg openings with elastic bands and snap buttons. Additionally, the material of all our pants is DWR-treated to protect against moisture and dirt.

To avoid chafing, all our functional pants are designed with a "seat" similar to riding breeches, meaning no unnecessary seams that chafe in the saddle. This design is appreciated even by those who don't ride.

Functional Pants and Light Functional Pants

Our functional pants are practical, stretchy outdoor pants for all occasions. They have a straight cut and are perfect for both men and women.

Functional pants come in two versions: one with a slightly thicker fabric and brushed inside for autumn/winter and a "light model" with a thinner fabric suitable for warmer temperatures. Otherwise, the pants have the same features and functions. The warmer version, the Functional Pant, also comes in a shorter version with approximately 5 cm shorter leg length.

Our customers say that the problem with Uhip's functional pants is that you actually have to take them off sometimes!

Light Functional Pant Jet BlackLight Functional Pant Jet BlackLight Functional Pant Jet Black


Light Functional Pant Jet Black

Thin and stretchy pants for spring & summer days

160 EUR

Stella Pants

Light Stella Pant och Wool Blend Stella Pant

The Stella Pant and Light Stella Pant are available in different lengths. The shorter version (short) has a leg length approximately 5 cm shorter than the others.

Differences from Functional Pants:

- Waist adjustment

- Fit

- Side leg pockets instead of front

- Larger leg pockets

- Open pockets on top of the zippered pockets

- No back pockets

- D-ring at the waist

- Gear loop inside the leg pocket

Material differences from Functional Pants:

The Light Stella Pant and Light Functional Pant are very similar in terms of material. However, the winter version of the Stella Pant is made from a warmer and more weather-resistant material than the winter version of the Functional Pant. The outer fabric is thicker and more water-resistant, and the brushed wool interior makes it warm and cozy.

Zip Pant

Our Zip Pants are designed for cold, windy, and wet days. They are equally suitable for both women and men. The pants feature full-length side zippers for easy on and off, practical open hand pockets, and leg pockets with zippers.


The inside is brushed, making them warm and comfortable to wear even without other pants underneath. The material is a stretchy and durable softshell with excellent protection against precipitation (WP 8000 mm) and breathability for maximum comfort.